Mold design

Mold design

Feasibility analysis

The feasibility analysis are asking the purpose of verifying the possible solutions aimed at reaching the goals of construction, production, economic, etc..
That stage analyzes the drawings and three-dimensional models, and evaluate the quality and / or problems (undercuts, draft, tolerances, etc..), Analyzes possible solutions verifying the compliance with the economic, productive and constructive constraints set by the customer.
Very useful in this regard, it is also the creation of rapid prototypes that allow you to test and optimize at the best the product before proceeding to construction of molds.


Many years of experience in mold design by the same working group allows to reach to reliable and economic solutions.
From the initial stage of development, the three-dimensional solid engineering allows to focus efforts on the overall result by reducing the waste of resources at the level of detail that can be explored at a later time.
The use of three-dimensional solid models allows to optimize this stage for the next phase of construction of the molds, such as modeling of electrodes and processing Cam programs.

CAM Programs

The technologic evolution has liberated the creativity of the designer as well as the mould-maker. Our studio is able to supply workshops with tool paths that are perfectly adapted to the specifics of any postprocessor of the most common NC, for the realization of moulds with highly complex surface.

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